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All of you must be very well aware with the importance of psd and indesign templates. These mockups allow you to represent your message to the customers. The same idea also goes for newspaper mockup psd and indesign newspaper template. So be ready to get a complete list of 50+ professional-looking newspaper mockups.

NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

Competition has increased to a great extent in almost every field. Nowadays, customers demand better products and services for which they are paying for. Keeping in view the high demand of clients, the manufacturers and service providers have begun giving attention to quality assurance. No doubt, majority of the people read newspaper either in the morning or during daytime. If the newspaper design is not appealing, then the readers will soon lose their interest. It may also happen that they may stop buying that newspaper in the future. So, the newspaper agencies must be very careful about the newspaper layout design.

Every year, hundreds of new indesign newspaper templates are introduced by graphic designers. Therefore, it is very important to keep in touch with the latest newspaper layout design. You may have to spend much time in searching for the high quality newspaper graphic design and all of your efforts may also prove to be useless. So what to do under such a situation? Well! If you are looking for some professional-looking and well-presented newspaper mockups, then you are on the right blog post. Here in this article, we will be sharing a list of 50+ latest newspaper templates and mockups.

Each and every newspaper mockup included in this list is premium. It means there is no free newspaper template and you have to pay a certain amount if you wish to get a specific newspaper design. The best part of these templates is that they are available in both psd and indesign format. So, it’s your own choice whether you opt for indesign newspaper template or newspaper mockup psd. Now you can make your own newspaper as these templates are easy to edit and customize. It’s quite easy to change the background, lighting, and shadows as per your own choice.

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1. (Bundle) Newspaper Templates – Premium

With this newspaper mockup users can easily get 3 exciting newspaper mockups in a one bundle. This design is accessible in the tabloid format which is 289*380mm and 279.4*431.8 mm.

Newspaper Templates


2. StadtNews Newspaper Template – Premium

Another indesign newspaper psd template, which is best for publication of news article. This mockup comes with total 12 pages along with back and front and the file is available in .idml and .indd extension.

StadtNews Newspaper Template


3. Fasper Fashion Newspaper – Premium

Fasper in another clean and professional indesign newspaper and it’s all files are fully customizable and editable. It contains free fonts, 300 dpi, tabloid size 279.4 mm * 431.8 mm, 12 pages and so on.

Fasper Fashion Newspaper

Fasper Fashion Newspaper


4. Premium – Newspaper Layout Design

Make your own newspaper with this beautiful and cool indesign newspaper psd template, which is used for weekly or daily publication. This mockup is ready as well as easy to use and adjust.

Newspaper Layout Design


5. Indesign Newspaper Template – 20 Pages

Another newspaper design, which gives your template a modern and professional appearance. It features includes 300 dpi, free fonts, character & paragraph styles, 20 pages, fully editable and so on.

Indesign Newspaper Template


6. Newspaper Template – Premium

This indesign newspaper consists of 24 pages mockup, which is appropriate for diverse type of the editorial content to present your design in professional manner. Easy to use and edit if needed.

Newspaper Template


7. Newspaper Elite – Premium

Another newspaper design that is clean, cool and a professional template which can be used for diverse purposes. This template contains 16 pages which are 100% customizable and fully editable.

Newspaper Elite


8. Newspaper Template 14 Pages – Premium

Another premium newspaper mockup psd, which includes 14 pages, 300 dpi, bleed (print-ready), free fonts are used; size is 279.4mm*431.8mm, files are fully layered etc.

Newspaper Template 14 Pages


9. Multiformat Newspaper – Premium

This multi-format newspaper is accessible in 2 sizes, which include A4 and A3 which is similar in styles, layout and design plus it’s all files are print ready and full colors are available. Even the file all colors and text are fully editable.

Multiformat Newspaper


10. Indesign Newspaper Template (Premium)

Want to make your own newspaper as it is professionally designed, which is suitable for all kinds of editors content. Users can also add or edit more pages if required.

Indesign Newspaper Template


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

11. Premium – Storia Newspaper Template

Storia Newspaper Template


12. Inferno Newspaper Template (Premium)

This newspaper template includes 12 pages, template size is 297*420mm / A3, resolution is 300 DPI, bleed size is 3mm and many more exciting features.

Inferno Newspaper Template


13. 16 Page Newspaper Design (Premium)

Another cool newspaper design psd template, which is used for multi-purpose like news agency, journalism, media, corporate, corporate business and so on.

16 Page Newspaper Design


14. Indesign Newspaper Template 12 Page – Premium

This newspaper layout design, which has a clean and simple layout along with amazing print results. Its all 12 pages are fully customizable, 300 dpi, 11*15 inches plus best for beginners.

Indesign Newspaper Template 12 Page


15. Premium – Editable Tabloid Newspaper Cover

Front page of this template is best for some special event and occasion announcements as it consists of free fonts which are easily available and its design looks really authentic.

Editable Tabloid Newspaper Cover


16. InDesign CS5 Newspaper Template (Premium)

InDesign CS5 Newspaper Template


17. Attractive Newspaper Template – Premium

This attractive and beautiful newspaper design mockup comes with amazing features like 16 pages, bleed 5mm, Idml, size is A3/ 11.6929*16.5354 and so on.

Attractive Newspaper Template


18. PSD Format Newspaper Template – Premium

Another clean and professional newspaper layout design as this design is fully layered and easy to customizable. The template is totally designed with the CS5 Adobe Photoshop.

PSD Format Newspaper Template


19. Front Page Newspaper Template (Premium)

This is an old-style newspaper mockup, which is home printable and is 100% fully customizable. Individuals can use this template for multipurpose projects.

Front Page Newspaper Template


20. Realistic 12 Page Newspaper Template – Premium

It is a modern, realistic and cool 12 page template that comes with all features which you desire like RGB or CMYK output, Ad designs, one newspaper section and much more.

Realistic 12 Page Newspaper Template


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

21. A3 Newspaper Template – Premium

Users can use the color scheme of this A3 newspaper psd template as their own via global swatch. Typography design (classic) is available with this mockup which is print ready.

A3 Newspaper Template


22. 24 Pages Newspaper Template (Premium)

24 Pages Newspaper Template


23. Premium – Berliner Newspaper Template 20 Pages

All colors of this newspaper mockup psd are easily changeable and typograph designs are editable in diverse paragraph styles. Help file is also included with this design.

Berliner Newspaper Template 20 Pages


24. DailyScope – Newspaper Template (16+3 Pages) – Premium

If anyone wants a indesign newspaper which is used for different purposes, then must try this template as it comes with 300 dpi resolution, 5 object styles, 4 table styles, 5 mm bleed, page layout included and so on.

DailyScope – Newspaper Template


25. Premium – Dog Newspaper Mockup PSD

One of best and premium mockup, if you want to present your presentation in a smart and unique style. This template will gives you a photorealistic appearance as it comes with 6780*5018 resolution pixels.

Dog Newspaper Mockup PSD


26. InDesign Newspaper Template 5 Columns – Premium

This newspaper design provides a professional and elegant appearance to your indesign newspaper. It comes with 23 different paragraph styles, which is fully customizable.

InDesign Newspaper Template 5 Columns

InDesign Newspaper Template 5 Columns


27. 300 dpi Newspapers Mockup (Premium)

300 dpi Newspapers Mockup


28. High Quality Newspaper Mockup – Premium

If you want to create anewspaper online, then you should use this mockup as its feature includes 1 psd file, wood background, 4000*3250 resolution pixels, perspective background is automatic and so on.

High Quality Newspaper Mockup


29. Premium – Newspapers Bundle

If anyone want to save some money, then buy this bundle newspaper which is amazing in design all its all templates are accessible along with industry sizes. This mockup is simple and easy to use, make your own newspaper.

Newspapers Bundle


30. Old Style Newspaper Template – Premium

This template key features include 3 sizes (legal, letter and A4), 15 paragraph style, 2 master pages, white & black, page numbering is automatic and text are fully editable.

Old Style Newspaper Template


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

31. Premium – Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign

Another newspaper layout design which is best use for traditional and digital tabloid printing as it comes with good quality resolution of 289mm*380mm. It also has 12 pages which are 100% editable.

Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign


32. 8 Pages – Tabloid Newspaper Template – Premium

This template comes with diverse colors and sections which can be alter easily. Its bleed size is 3mm and resolution pixels is 279*432 mm.

8 Pages – Tabloid Newspaper Template


33. Zeitung Newspaper Template – Premium

This type of template is best for your news article publication as it features include 300 dpi, page size is 279.4*431.8 mm (16 pages), free fond and existing page are also available.

Zeitung Newspaper Template


34. Premium – Newspaper Mockup Set (PSD)

Another newspaper layout design which come with high-quality mockups, 4000*3000 pixel resolution, 10 psd files, background, shadows and reflections all are changeable through smart objects.

Newspaper Mockup Set (PSD)


35. Realistic Newspaper Mockup (Premium)

Users can use these newspaper mockup psd for giving your artwork a realistic presentation. You can edit the details of this template via smart object and its all folders and layers are well organized. 5 background textures are also included.

Realistic Newspaper Mockup


36. Well Organized Newspaper Mockup (Premium)

This template includes high resolution of 3500*2500 pixels, 6 psd file, layers are fully organized, easy to use, edit and are fully customized, file instruction included, etc.

Well Organized Newspaper Mockup


37. Premium – HD Newspaper Mockup

Are you looking for a HD bundle mockup? Try this template as it comprises of 8 diverse angles, smart object are editable, fully layered & named, 8 PSD file, resolution is 3500*2500 pixels and file instruction are added.

HD Newspaper Mockup


38. Automatic Perspective Newspaper Mockup (Premium)

Automatic Perspective Newspaper Mockup


39. Attractive Newspaper Mockup – Premium

Individuals can use this attractive newspaper mockup for presenting their tabloid/newspaper or ad layout. Within few seconds, you can showcase your photorealistic newspaper layout.

Attractive Newspaper Mockup


40. Newspaper Mockups Vol. 5 – Premium

A pack of 13 incredible newspaper template for showcasing your advertising artwork in stunning realism. This psd mockups, which are customizable lighting, shadows and backgrounds which are fully layered.

Newspaper Mockups


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

41. Premium – Newspaper Mockups Bundle

If you are looking for an extra-large collection of 99 extravagant and highly detailed newspaper template for showcasing your design in unique manner, then must try this mockup as it comes with 3 sizes (Berliner, Broadsheet & Tabloid).

Newspaper Mockups Bundle


42. 9 PSD Newspaper Mockup (Premium)

With this newspaper design, users can easily edit details via smart objects. It comes with a high resolution of 3000*2000 px, which gives your image a natural look.

9 PSD Newspaper Mockup


43. Premium Newspaper Mockups 01

Premium Newspaper Mockups


44. Newspaper Mockups Vol 2 – Premium

Features of this mockup includes 5000*3400 resolution pixel, help file, 9 psd files, all files ae full separated and can be edit easily with smart object.

Newspaper Mockups Vol 2


45. Tabloid Size Newspaper Mockups Vol.8

This newspaper layout design comes with an ample space that helps in presenting your advertising and newspaper designs. This template file is easy and simple to edit via smart objects.

Tabloid Size Newspaper Mockups Vol.8


46. The Digital Newspaper Mockup (Premium)

Another digital template that helps users to give an indesign newspaper, which is available with 20 pages, display ready (1536*2048) and 3 different styles which are white, beige and old.

The Digital Newspaper Mockup


47. Newspaper Mockup Bundle – Premium

This bundle contains flattened design, 16 psd files (high quality), help file included, 3000*2000 pixels, fully layered & named and so on.

Newspaper Mockup Bundle


48. A3 Optimization Newspaper Mockup

Another newspaper mockup psd ,which comes with 6 backgrounds, resolution of high quality, easy & fast editing, 18 psd files, organized folders & layers, 100% realistic image and so on.

A3 Optimization Newspaper Mockup


49. Newspaper Graphic Design Mockups / v.3

Newspaper Graphic Design Mockups

Newspaper Graphic Design Mockups


50. Newspaper / Newsletter Mockup – 2 (Premium)

With this mockup individuals can get 8 psd files, which gives newspaper/newsletter a photorealistic result and comes with unlimited variations. The template has 3000*2000 pixels.

Newspaper / Newsletter Mockup


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