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Car branding has become a much popular trend in the present era. Nowadays, majority of the companies prefer to use vehicle mockup to represent their products or services. Car branding mockup is easily available on different websites and you will be happy to know that car wrap templates are easily accessible in psd format. In this blog post, readers will get 56+ awesome vehicle templates.

NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

With the passage of time, much improvement has been witnessed in different industries, especially in the field of graphic designing. Same advancement has been observed with respect to car mockup and every year various car design templates are introduced by the graphic designers. So, if you possess a shop, firm, or company, then you can get a broad range of vehicle templates. You can also use these car mockups even if you are a service provider. Now the question that may come in your mind is ‘from where to get the high quality car mockup psd’? Well! You are going to get your answer shortly.

As already discussed, car branding mockup keeps on changing every year that’s why you have to keep yourself in touch with the latest car wrap design templates. As we all know that New Year has been started so if you are interested in using a car mockup psd, then try to use the car wrap templates that are inn in 2018. All of you will be excited to know that we have gathered a list of 56+ professional-looking car branding mockups 2018. All of these vehicle templates are of best quality therefore; you don’t need to worry regarding their usage.

The best element of these mockups is that they are available in psd format, which is much popular and also easy to use by majority of the users. Another best thing about these car branding templates is that they are editable and users can make any changes in them as per their own likeness. We have also included some car mockup free, which is a plus point for all those people who don’t want to spend their money on car branding mockup. So, let’s have a look at these car wrap templates and let us know how much you like them.

1. Mini Cars Branding Mockups Bundle – (Premium)

Want to present your vehicles and car branding mockup along with style? Or want to build a photorealistic car mockup display in just few seconds. Simply paste your own artwork if you want to use your own.

Mini Cars Branding Mockups Bundle


2. Opel Astra Mockup for Car Branding (Premium)

This car psd template is especially designed for professionals, amateur graphic artists and graphic agencies. This car mock-up is simple and easy to use via smart-object layer. It comes with 2000*2000 HD resolution pixel.

Opel Astra Mockup for Car Branding


3. Mini Cooper Mockup V3 (Premium)

Want to showcase your own car branding mockup, then this template is ideal for you. Users can simply replace this set mockup content quickly and easily. This file includes RGB colors, 3 diverse mockups, background color is easily changeable, file size is 3000*2000 resolution pixels, light and shadows are separated and so on.

Mini Cooper Mockup V3


4. 3 in 1 Car Branding Mockup (Premium)

Another 3 in 1 car psd mockup, which includes three cars along with five diverse views for every car. This car ad template is 100% customizable that is easy to use and users can also replace the image as well through smart object layers. VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa.

3 in 1 Car Branding Mockup


5. Toyota Corolla Free Mockup

Toyota Corolla Free Mockup


6. Premium – Vintage Car Mockup

Another vintage car mockup which is of high in resolution and you can choose any color of your own choice if you like. Use this mockup for both personal presentation and professional commercial as well.

Vintage Car Mockup


7. Editable Car Mockup PSD – Premium

Editable Car Mockup PSD


8. (Premium) Electric Car Tesla Mockup

Present your own artwork in an efficient manner along with realistic car template as each layer of this set is fully-layered.

Electric Car Tesla Mockup


9. Car Mockups PSD (Premium)

This is one of the small car mock-up that is best for any kind of car branding projects. Its features include pdf help file, 4 diverse car models, background is customizable and pixel resolution is 2000*2000.

Car Mockups PSD


10. Easy Mockup for Sportcar Branding (Premium)

This template is designed for a sports car as it comes with a high quality HD pixels of 7200*3300, which is personalizable easily. With the help of smart layer, you can paste the design easily.

Easy Mockup for Sportcar Branding


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

11. Premium – City Car Branding Mockup

With this car psd template, individuals can swap the design and content of this branding mockup in few seconds. Best for presenting your artwork in a unique way as its all layers are cleaned and simple to use.

City Car Branding Mockup


12. Free Hatchback Mockup

Another car mockup free, which is perfect for displaying your own car branding design in a unique and professional manner. Best template for all those who are looking for a free car branding mockups.

Free Hatchback Mockup


13. Mazda 6 Car Branding Mockup (Premium)

Mazda 6 Car Branding Mockup


14. Lexus RX Mockup (Premium)

Want to look for a simple and clean car design mockup that can be editable easily via smart-objects. It has a high resolution of 7200*4500 pixels.

Lexus RX Mockup


15. Car Branding Mockup VW Beetle ‘A’ – Premium

Car Branding Mockup VW Beetle A


16. Seat Auto Mockup – Premium

Seat Auto Mockup


17. BMW Sportcar Mockup (Premium)

Best sport car branding mockup which has a high quality resolution 7200*3300 HD. This set all files are available in psd format and are print ready.

BMW Sportcar Mockup


18. Mercedes Mockup for Private Car Branding (Premium)

Are you in search for private car branding psd mockup that is also affordable in price? If yes, then I will prefer this template to you as it comes with removable background, 3 diverse vehicles and 3000*3000px resolution.

Mercedes Mockup for Private Car Branding


19. VW Golf Mockup (Premium)

This car design template comprises of 6 psd files, car paint, rim color and shadow is adjustable, photorealistic presentation, structure is well-organized and pixel resolution is 5000*3500 that is high in quality.

VW Golf Mockup


20. Toyota Camry Sedan Mockup (Premium)

Another car mockup psd that is perfect for both personal and business use if you want to present your image in a realistic manner.

Toyota Camry Sedan Mockup


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

21. Volvo Sedan Mockup PSD (Premium)

With this amazing and 3D car mock-up, users can easily showcase your own company artwork as all psd files are fully layered and editable.

Volvo Sedan Mockup PSD


22. Skoda Fabia Mockup

Skoda Fabia Mockup


23. Photorealistic Land Rover Mockup (Premium)

Features included for this car mockup psd are 1 psd file, perfectly isolated reflections, objects & shadows, colors are changeable for all backgrounds and objects.

Photorealistic Land Rover Mockup


24. Premium – Skoda Yeti Crossover Mockup

Skoda Yeti Crossover Mockup


25. Realistic Car Wrap Template

This professional and creative car psd template is great for advertising, product presentations and so on. This file has clean look that is good for presentation.

Realistic Car Wrap Template


26. Hyundai Vehicle Wrap Mockup (PSD) – Premium

This beautiful, clean and advanced vehicle mockup has exciting features, which are 3 psd files, 3 views, 5550*3900px, fast and easy editing through smart layers and folder & layers are fully organized.

Hyundai Vehicle Wrap Mockup


27. VW Jetta Template Mockup (Premium)

VW Jetta Template Mockup


28. Premium – Compact Car Mockup

Another mini car template which is best for different compact car branding projects that allow user to make remarkable presentations of their branding works.

Compact Car Mockup


29. Delivery Vehicle Mockup (Premium)

This is a high quality car psd mockup for European delivery vehicle. Individuals can easily alter the van color as well as add your artwork with few clicks via smart object layer.

Delivery Vehicle Mockup


30. Tesla Mockup V.2 (Premium)

Another elegant and cool vehicle templates for your electric car template vol 2. This package main features are changeable background and paint colors, resolution is 8000*4500px, separate layers for reflections & shadows and so on.

Tesla Mockup V.2


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

31. Mercedes E Mockup (Premium)

Mercedes E Mockup


32. Premium – Sport Car Mockups PSD

This elegant and cool sport car template pack allows users to quickly present their layouts and designs into a digital realistic showcase.

Sport Car Mockups PSD


33. BMW X6 Mockup (Premium)

Are you looking for a digital sport car design template? If yes, then ideal mockup for you as it contains 2 psd files.

BMW X6 Mockup


34. Tesla Model S Mockup (Premium)

Tesla Model S Mockup


35. Range Rover Evoque Mockup

This crossover mockup comprises of cool and clean features which are 8000*4500 resolution pixels, simple to change the background & paint colors, spinning wheels & lens flares layers and much more.

Range Rover Evoque Mockup


36. Muscle Car Mockup – Premium

If you are looking for a muscle car psd template, then try this mockup for both personal and business as it includes the car design as well.

Muscle Car Mockup


37. Hatchback Car Branding Template (Premium)

Another elegant and creative car design mockup that comes with 6 customizable psd, which is easy to edit and use.

Hatchback Car Branding Template


38. Audi Mockup (Premium)

Another good, simple and clean transparent glass car branding mockup which is affordable in price. It comes with 3 angles, 3 psd files, car color is changeable and help file is included as well.

Audi Mockup


39. Porsche Wrap Mockup (Premium)

Porsche Wrap Mockup


40. Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Mockup – Premium

Another best and stylish colorful sport car psd template that is perfect for multipurpose. It comes with a high quality pixels of 3840*2160 resolution.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Mockup


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

41. Toyota FJ Cruiser Mockup – Premium

Toyota FJ Cruiser Mockup


42. Range Rover Template – Premium

Range Rover Template


43. Photorealistic BMW Electric Car Mockup (Premium)

You can use this luxurious and photorealistic car wrap design templates as it is quite easy to change the car color via smart objects. Impress your customers by using this Dutch car mock-up.

Photorealistic BMW Electric Car Mockup


44. Premium – Sedan Car Mockup

This sedan car mockup psd comes with 8 photorealistic files by using smart objects. Users can change the design and content of this template as well as it is perfect for presenting your designs in a responsive manner.

Sedan Car Mockup


45. Stylish Mini Car Mockup (Premium)

With the help of smart-objects, users can easily replace or change the content and color of car items in a responsive way as its all layers are clean and simple to use.

Stylish Mini Car Mockup


46. Realistic Car Mockup (Premium)

If you are looking for an inexpensive car branding mockup, then this template is best for you in all perspectives.

Realistic Car Mockup


47. Decent Car Design Mockup – Premium

Another eye-catching and beautiful car design mockup that allows users to change the car color and content easily by using smart object layers.

Decent Car Design Mockup


48. Fully Organized Car Mockup 01 (Premium)

This mockup is best for all those individuals who want to save their time and in return get an amazing template. This package includes editable colors, help guide included, 4800*3000px, fully organized and much more.

Fully Organized Car Mockup 01


49. Advanced Hatchback Mockup – Premium

Advanced Hatchback Mockup


50. Premium – SUV Offroad Car Mockup

This set all layers are fully organized and cleaned-up, which is simple and easy to use. Its features include 8 photorealistic perspectives, changeable background, 4000*2500px and so on.

SUV Offroad Car Mockup


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

51. Toyota Land Cruiser SUV Crossover Mockup (Premium)

A professional and advanced SUV crossover mockup that can be easily changeable via smart objects. Light and shadows are done automatically in few seconds.

SUV Crossover Mockup


52. Mockup for SUV & Off Road Vehicles 2 – Premium

Simple and easy to use vehicle templates that are especially designed for multipurpose like agencies, professionals and amateur graphic artists.

Mockup for SUV & Off Road Vehicles 2


53. Eye-Catching Sport Car Mockup (Premium)

Another mockup for all those individuals who always want a fresh and unique mockup for presenting their artwork in an artistic manner.

Eye-Catching Sport Car Mockup


54. Easy to Edit Car Mockup PSD 10 (Premium)

This awesome car mock-up contains HD resolution pixels of 7200*4500, which is best for impressing your bosses. One psd file is included with this set and you can easily alter the colors of background and objects.

Easy to Edit Car Mockup PSD 10


55. Mercedes ML Design Mockup – Premium

Are you in search for a creative type of car psd template that has amazing features plus affordable in rate? Then buy this template now for your sports car.

Sport Car Design Mockup


NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need Adobe Photoshop

56. Chic Sport Car Mockup (Premium)

Another elegant and chic sport car mockup that helps users to allow their digital artwork in a creative and professional way.

Chic Sport Car Mockup


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