10 Best Web Design Tools for 2018

10 best web design tools

Web design industry has gained much fame in the past few years. Nowadays, almost every brand or company has its own website because maximum number of customers use internet to know about different products and services. People find it easy to browse a website by sitting at their home, office, restaurant, park, train, or any other place of their choice. Keeping in view the demand of web designs, many software companies have launched the web design tools. These days, designing a website is no more a difficult task as you can use different web design tools for this purpose.

The web designers keep on looking for these tools, which are evolving every year. As we all know that 2017 is about to end and now every one of you must be looking for the latest web design tools for 2018. In this article, we will share a list of 10 web design tools for 2018.

Let’s have a detailed look at these tools.

1. Sketch

Sketch web design tool was launched in year 2009 and is best for MAC developed. This tool has introduced a new application in which new value-added features are offered like vector modes, creating grids, lightweight UI designs etc. Interface of this tool is handy and individuals can use it easily. With this tool, users can create some incredible designs and pixels that easily allow scalability.

Sketch app


  • Multiple artboards
  • Easier exporting
  • Reasonable in price
  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist menu
  • Fast
  • Vector based


  • Relatively new
  • Resolution result is not good
  • Sketch can only be used by MAC users

2. Webflow

Webflow was introduced by 2 siblings in year 2013. This application gives users the power for designing and producing responsive sites with even no coding. Simply drag & drop editor which transfer your designs code to next level. This application has many features that assist users for creating eye-catching designs as per their need.

Webflow app


  • Accessible options of blank canvas or temple
  • Easily export websites to different platforms
  • Create professional websites in few minutes
  • Automatic responsive animations and design
  • It’s possible to integrate Multilanguage solution


  • Bit pricy
  • Templates are limited
  • Intricate interface for beginners

3. Avocode

It is another latest web design tool for 2018 and serves as a link between web developers and designers. Avocode makes it much easy for the designers to do coding of their websites. Moreover, it also allows them to simply export sketch design and Photoshop and then transform them into exclusive design. With this tool, users can automatically and speedily convert everything into an attractive design.

Avocode app


  • Users can use it in IOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Also includes different collaboration tools


  • Users have to pay a monthly subscription fee

4. Crello

This web design tool has been introduced by Depositphotos. Crello specializes in the formation of email headers, social media photos, posters, ad banners, and other similar things. This specific tool is ideal for bloggers, social media professionals, web designers, and entrepreneurs. It includes 10,000 free templates and 30 diverse formats for producing graphics.

Crello app


  • Easy to use and edit templates
  • Beautiful templates
  • User-friendly interface


  • Standard fonts and animation designs are limited
  • Stolen UI

5. Macaw

It is a powerful web designing tool for creating prototypes, CSS + HTML templates, and wireframes. Picture editing is much easy with Macaw. Further, it also allows the users to make fully-responsible designs. The best thing about this web design tool is that the designers can test their layout as well. The available grid can also be customized in order to keep the designs tidy.

Macaw app


  • Elegant interface
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Stylish code can be generated automatically


  • Built-in templates are not offered

6. UX Pin

This tool is used for creating designs which are responsive, easy to use, and trustworthy. UX pin is one of the best web design tools for 2018 and promises to deliver high quality work. Users can add famous animated features and can also preserve prototypes that make your work unique.

UX Pin app


  • Improved design stability
  • Intuitive project tracking, comment tracking, and design approvals
  • Sketch and Photoshop integrations


  • Offline mode and illustrator integration are not available
  • Minor learning curve

7. Form

Now it’s possible to make prototypes along with all essential animation and graphic effects to assist your clients in getting the best idea. Form is the perfect tool for you if you are interested in creating fabulous prototype and want to stay on the top among other websites. Create an impressive, interesting, and responsive website by using this tool.

Form app


  • Outstanding graphics
  • Easy to use interface


  • Limited editing options

8. Axure RP

It offers several options to the web designers so that they can create a website of their choice. The interface of Axure RP gives most functionality as compared to other web design tools. It permits the users to add readymade components from the widget libraries. Moreover, they can also upload their files. For every component, web designers can alter the gradient, transparency, or color.

Axure RP app


  • Robust built-in library
  • Aids documentation and diagramming
  • Runs on Windows and OS X


  • Complex user system
  • Toughest learning curve

9. InVision

It is one of the widely used prototyping tools and is considered reliable as well. The competitive advantage of InVision over other web design tools is the collaboration features. It has been specifically designed for large teams and enterprises. Some of its exclusive features include automatic updates, direct commenting, and synchronization with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud.

InVision app


  • Users can view past histories
  • Includes collaborative benefits
  • Users can add animations and interactions to still images


  • Too complex for beginners
  • Costly

10. Marvel

Marvel is best for making quick, click-through prototypes for mobile apps and web. Now you can transform your website according to your likeness. It’s possible to view the mockups on different devices. These prototypes are formed from current mocks which can be brought into marvel through Sketch file or Dropbox.

Marvel app


  • Easier to learn
  • Fast to create hotspots
  • Simple options for sharing
  • Frames are also available


  • Limited interactivity for hotspots
  • Just good for existing mocks

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10 Best Web Design Tools for 2018
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